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About me

"Working with animals not on animals!"


I am a level 7 (Masters) qualified and insured veterinary physiotherapist I am associated with the Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP) and board member of the Institute of Canine Hydrotherapist's (ICH) a division of the the Institute of Registered Veterinary & Animal Physiotherapists (IRVAP). I use scientific research to provide a holistic and effect service. 

I firmly believe in working with animals, not on them, but what does this mean and why is it important to my practice?  

The relationship between therapist and patient must be one of trust and compassion. This will provide optimum results far more quickly. The mind and body are directly linked through the nervous system. If the mind is not at rest, nor is the body. 

I use the individual's behaviour as a direct line of communication respecting appropriate boundaries set by them, working where they are comfortable to build trust and give the most effective treatment. 

I think the best way to explain this point is when an over-friendly colleague offers you a neck rub... Hear me out! You didn't want them to touch you in the first place and now they are digging deep into your neck musculature “massaging” you... How does it make you feel? Relaxed or frustrated? 

Now imagine you can't directly communicate through speech with the over-friendly colleague, and you have given every other signal that you are not comfortable with, but they carry on. To be polite you don’t make a fuss and sit still waiting for it to be over. Did this experience release your tension or sore muscles? Most definitely not! Probably made you feel worse and feel that you would very much like to never see them again! This is how your animal feels if you do not treat them with consent. 

To make a difference you must first make a connection.

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