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Equine physio

Achieve more, physiotherapy is key to equine performance and maintenance.

Physio is necessary for any horse not matter the work load. Competing or retired your horse can and will benefit.


How can physio help my horse?

  • Improve muscle quality therefore improving muscle usage, building = increased performance

  • Improve joint range of motion increasing stride quality 

  • Improve comfort thus improving willingness and suppleness 

  • Increasing comfort, mobility and welfare

  • Prevent injury by using correct exercise programmes, reducing risks, and correcting the body's balance.​

  • Rehabilitation, following an orthopaedic diagnosis physio will aid in recovery.

  • Post-op rehabilitation, following surgery physio aids in the healing process improving recovery and results of recovery. 


How do I know my horse needs physio

  • Issues in contact acceptance and/or inconsistent head carriage.

  • Bucking, rearing, unpredictable or explosive behaviour

  • Change in temperament, such as increased anxiety or aggression or excessive spooking

  • Disliking being brushed or touched especially in certain areas.

  • Reluctance to go forwards off the leg or seemingly being “lazy”

  • Stiffness

  • Issues in training such as straightness and engagement, struggling with correct canter leads, hollowing of the back during ridden exercise, issues with suppleness particularly on one rein and refusing jumps or knocking poles.

  • Tripping, stumbling or toe dragging

  • Uneven muscle tone

  • Decline in performance when the horse previously worked very well or unable to progress beyond current training level.

  • Lameness, physiotherapy can aid in recovery from lameness after vet diagnosis. 

  • Bridle lameness 


Common equine injuries

  • Kissing spines

  • Tendon and ligament injuries such as suspensory and deep digital flexor tendon

  • Joint inflammation

  • Stifle instability 

  • Upward fixating patella (common in young horses)

  • Bone bruising 

  • Boney spurs 

  • Sore musculature


Why book your horse in?

Physio can help all horses, whether they are young, older, competition horses or lhappy hackers who need physio for maintenance or injury prevention or recovery. Vet physios work alongside vets to aid in reducing pain, improving mobility and preventing injury or the recurrence of injury. Physiotherapy rebalances the body through manual and electro therapies, accompanied with a therapeutic/remedial exercise programs specifically designed for your horse.

Equine physio: Services
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