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Veterinary physiotherapy Services

Services and prices: Services

Initial assessment


Required for the first visit

An initial assessment is required to gather all the necessary information needed for treatment. The information collected from this session will be referred to in later sessions to track progress. This is helpful especially in rehabilitation cases.

This consists of a collection of clinical history, static, dynamic, palpation and range of motion assessment. This will be followed by a treatment session to target findings in these assessments. A exercise and home programme will be given for the owner between sessions.

Equine initial intakes often require more time than canine as it takes longer to cover.

£60 Equine 

£55 Canine 

Follow up session


To follow on from the initial assessment

This will include everything in the initial assessment however this will take less time as the information collected from the initial assessment will help to focus the session.
Equine £55
Canine £47.50

Myofascial release session

Fleur Challis Photography-31.JPG

A specialised massage technique

I have trained in this technique in June of 2018. I have been fascinated with this technique ever since. 

Fascia is a connective tissue which surrounds muscle, attaching, stabilising, enclosing, and separating muscles and other internal organs, it works to allow muscle to move over its self with ease. When muscle or fascia is injured fascia becomes dehydrated restricted which reduces muscles ability to function reducing muscle efficiency consequently reducing performance.


Laser therapy

fleur challis photography-20.JPG

Also known as red light therapy.

Laser is an electrotherapy that can be utilised by physiotherapist's. There are many benefits of laser with many uses for example:

  • Pain relief such as trigger points and acupressure points

  • Arthritis 

  • Acute injuries, trauma to muscle, tendon, ligaments bones and joints

  • Nerve pain 

  • Oedema 

  • Inflammatory conditions 

  • Wounds

I offer this service either as an individual treatment or as part of a normal physiotherapy session. 

£30 for individual session 

£7.50 as part of physiotherapy session 

Travel over 5 miles is charged at 0.45p per mile

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